or maybe it isn’t there?

The main news outlets aren’t reporting this – ask yourself why?

Aliens living under the Martian surface (NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter  has photographed the occasional outflow from their underground toilets)

ESA - Water on Mars

have travelled to earth on the Chelyabinsk meteor.


Their intention?

To infiltrate China and and release a virus to infect the USA and start a war between the 2 super powers leaving the planet weakened ahead of their main invasion. NASA photos of Mars showing no signs of intelligent life whatsoever are proof that they are living under the surface. Choosing to use a virus clearly evolved on Earth rather than bringing one of their own confirms that they will go to extraordinary lengths to keep their mission secret. There is no record of Nigel Farage’s existence on the web prior to 1991 – not necessarily related, just saying.

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