or maybe it isn’t there? The main news outlets aren’t reporting this – ask yourself why? Aliens living under the Martian surface (NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter  has photographed the occasional outflow from their underground toilets) have travelled to earth on the Chelyabinsk meteor. Their intention? To infiltrate China and and release a virus to infect the… Read More

One summers day when my youngest daughter was about 4 or 5 we had the paddling pool out in the back garden and her and her sisters were running in and out of it splashing around, laughing and giggling. We hadn’t been able to go away on holiday that year for a number of reasons… Read More

So this was after trying to call them to cancel a < £6 month sim only contract, being on hold for an eternity being passed between multiple operators, answering security questions before being told they could not cancel it without details of first bill which I didn’t have available at the time of the call.… Read More